At your service

Support Back Office

Behind the scene, CIRCLES dedicated SUPPORT TEAM provide 4 specials supports :

  1. Support Back Office Role : Our support back office handles all queries that you as a client or member may have as well keep track of all orders made by our members.The back office is based on both a support team and drivers. Our drivers are the ones you will meet when they come to your office building to pick up or drop off orders. Our back office is on stand by to cater to the needs or queries you may have of an order you are about to place or have already placed.
  2. Operational excellence Role : Our operations department strives to achieve operational excellence in terms of offering service that goes that extra mile.
  3. Marketing Role : Our marketing departments key goal is to know your needs as a client. From there on we strive to offer services and products that makes your life easier. We want to ensure that all our clients and members have work-life balance.
  4. Partnership Role : We work with carefully selected partners. It is our goal to know your needs and offer attractive producs and services to help you in your daily life as well give your more free time.