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Increase work life balance

The context today :

A work – life balance is a difficult goal to achieve for many employees. Many of them have real difficulties in managing daily tasks and making time for their family and social lives. Conversely, it can also be noticed that the private life sometimes encroaches on the work life : an employee may be concerned about a topic related to his personal life or facing a personal concern that must be addressed urgently.

Your business challenges :

This difficulty in reconciling work life and private life faced by employees affects the company. The well-being of employees is a major issue for the performance of the company. A better balance of life is a source of profits :

  • for employees :
    • less stress,
    • more personal fulfillment,
    • a greater efficiency at work
  • and for the company :
    • less absenteeism
    • a greater involvement from employees,
    • more efficient employees.

What Circles does for you :

  • Circles provides your employees with a range of services for a better work/life balance. By entrusting us with their personal tasks, they save time and they can focus on what really matters.
  • Circles helps you to improve the daily quality of life on your site.

We work with you to improve the quality of personal and professional life of your employees, to optimize the performance of your business.

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