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Make your real estate project a success

The context today :

Many companies and real estate companies are engaged in real estate projects, either for works in their current location or for corporate moves / commercialization of new buildings. In 5 years, the real estate decision has evolved : the main challenge now is on the working environment. The well-being of employees and the services offered on site have become key factors in the success of the project.

Your business challenges :

For companies, a poorly managed project can have strong effects on activity : demotivativated teams, more absenteeism, resignations exceeding the usual turnover, high levels of stress or a tight social dialogue. The human impact has to be evaluated at the start and should be a priority of the real estate project.

For real estate companies, the oversupply creates more competition and makes the commercialization of properties increasingly complex. Aging buildings that no longer meet the needs of their tenants or new buildings that remain empty put the activity at risk. Commercialization should be a priority of a real estate project.

What Circles does for you :

  • Circles provides your benificiaries with a range of services for a better work-life balance.
  • Circles helps you to improve the daily quality of life on your site. We work with you toimprove the quality of life on your site and the image of your building, to make your real estate project a success.

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