Circles Concierge Academy

Training and developing skills

To help and encourage our employees to progress, we created Circles Concierge Academy.

The mission of Circles Concierge Academy :

  • An access to training programs for all employees : whatever its hierarchy, each employee receives a training appropriate to their profile and needs.
  • An active and committed training policy : the integration and initial training are essential steps. In order to offer the best to our employees, Circles Concierge Academy Circles assists new employees in their integration but also current employees through continuing education programs.

Beyond simply providing knowledge, our tailor-made training courses help to understand :

  • Our expertise,
  • Our methods,
  • The company values that guide our business every day.

Engaged in a quality process, we know how essential it is to unite around common values to provide the best service to our customers. Circles Concierge Academy reinforces the sense of our employees and their loyalty. To disseminate and maintain this common vision, we rely on qualified in-house trainers and develop close partnerships with Concierge Schools and specialized training organizations.

Our training courses combine :

  • Integration days,
  • Training ground on our school sites,
  • Local support from our Operational Excellence team,
  • Evaluation and validation of the achievements to date, 

in order to professionalize our teams and provide our customers with excellent service.