Fostering expertise, pride and pleasure in delivering our services

Offering a careers springboard

Circles’s success depends on our employees’ expertise, pride and pleasure in delivering our services across all of our businesses.

We strive to ensure that each individual, whatever their qualifications, has the opportunity to continuously develop their skills and advance in their responsibilities :

  • We organize annual meetings in all levels, so that everyone can benefit from an evaluation of their performance and share their desire for advancement. Circles ensures create other opportunities for exchange and sharing throughout the careers of its employees to raise their expectations and evaluate opportunities to grow internally.
  • It is important that our employees are involved in their career. That’s why we give them access to job listings across the company but more broadly to Sodexo. We encourage them to seize job opportunities that match their skills and aspirations. Internal promotion is part of the DNA of Circles and Sodexo. 
  • For personal and professional development of our employees, we encourage them to take initiative and to participate in projects outside their area of ​​expertise. This collaborative emulation is driving innovation in Circles and contributes to the vitality and performance of our society.