Sodexo - Quality of life services

A services company

On-site Services

From food services to construction management, reception services to the maintenance of scanners and laboratory equipment, technical maintenance to leisure cruises, and housekeeping to rehabilitation services at correctional facilities… Sodexo provides clients with a wide array of on-site services.

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Benefits & Rewards Services

Sodexo is the partner of private and public organizations for which it designs and implements tailored solutions in three service categories:

  1. Employee Benefits to attract, engage and retain employees (such as restaurant and transport vouchers),
  2. Incentives and Recognition to help organizations reach their qualitative and quantitative objectives (gift vouchers…),
  3. Public Benefits to manage and control the distribution of aid and public subsidies.

Personal & Home Services

Sodexo creates and deploys services that improve the Quality of Life in three categories of services: childcare, concierge services and home care for dependent persons.

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The significant synergies between these activities contribute to Sodexo’s growth.